Pistol Ammunition

Popular Semi-Automatic Pistol Ammunition

Popular Semi-Automatic Pistol Ammunition Calibers

.22 Long Rifle (LR):
Rimfire cartridge often used in sport shooting and training. This caliber is
ideal for first-time shooters.

.380 ACP:
This small round is known as the “three-eighty” and is a popular choice for
small pistols.

This caliber is the most popular and widely used worldwide.

.40 S&W:
Larger and slower than 9mm, with more recoil.

.45 Auto:
Slightly larger and slower than .40 caliber, with a bit more recoil.

.45 GAP:
GAP stands for “GLOCK Automatic Pistol”. This caliber rivals the firepower
of the .45 Auto, but is shorter, allowing it to fit into a more compact semi-
automatic pistol.

Has greater range and is faster than the .45 Auto.

.357 Auto:
Slightly longer than the .40 caliber, and known for accuracy and stopping power.